Windows Tinting - Commercial Building

Energy Saving, Safety, Daylighting and Decorative Film Solutions

Here are just a few reasons to install window tints:
  • Improved privacy.
  • Worried about burglars?
  • Does your conservatory get too hot?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce your heating bill?
  • Does your company building need an exterior or interior facelift?
  • Is your skin sensitive to ultra-violet light?
  • Is the light coming into your shop window ruining valuable stock?

Window Tinting - Vehicle / Car

Here are just a few benefits to install window tints on your car:

  • Reject heat, keep vehicle interior cooler, a/c works less.
  • Increase car value, improve style, gain privacy an looks.
  • Protect vehicle's interior from fading.
  • Mobile/on site automotive window tinting saves you time.
  • Limited lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, de laminating, fading and change of color.
  • Great variety of shades.

Window Tinting - Home / House / Apartment

Let the natural light pour in.

  • Increase home value, improve style, gain privacy and looks.
  • Save money on electricity and gas bills.
  • Reject solar heat, 99% of UV rays and reduce sun glare.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • High performance films in a variety of colors, styles and shades.

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